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What up?

2012-04-14 16:05:13 by Brojack

Hey, Brojack here :D
After the release of my first full-length animation, Brofox Assault, I am absolutely speechless by the success it's made. It's on frontpage and I'm getting such positive reviews as well! :D
I'm overjoyed by the amount of support I've received as I was very anxious about how people would feel about the obvious similarities to Egoraptor's awesome series. Some people hate my animation because of it, but some people feel it's not important. Whatever your opinion, you're entitled to it, but I am getting a little tired of low reviews based solely on the fact that it's like something you've seen before. No matter what the case, as long as you enjoyed it, I have no complaints.

If you want to know why my animation is so strikingly similar to Egoraptor's work, check out the comment I posted on the video and that should clear things up for you :)

Well I'm just letting you guys know not to expect anything from me for at least a month. I've just finished the animation in time for a big move, and I've got AS's coming up all throughout may, so I'll have to be studying and exam taking. Education, I know -_-

Anyway, hang in there until I make my next piece, which I'll likely start at the beginning of june :)
Until then, please keep up the support, it's what gives me inspiration to work harder :D
Without you guys, I'd have gotten nowhere :)

Sorry I don't have a picture, most of my stuff is in packing :)


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2012-04-15 06:31:21

That animation is awesome! May not be so clean but it is a lot funnier than some of Egoraptor's stuff.

Brojack responds:

Haha well that's what happens when you're lazy like me I guess. And have to draw with a mouse. Thanks for the compliment dude, but I wouldn't consider myself better than egoraptor because of one animation. The guy's a freakin legend, and if I could someday get anywhere close to his talent, I could die happy. thanks for the support glad you liked it :D


2012-04-17 21:39:18

sir, i read your long and drawn out explanation of why you decided to 100% rip off his style, and i agree. it would have been far less enjoyable for the other 12 year old children on the internet had not not made it obnoxious, loud, barely discernible, or exactly like early arin animations. if you would have been original, you would have seen why your writing isn't developed or creative yet.

i applaud you for taking such an endeavor to completely rip off egoraptor and placing another word in place of awesome. otherwise you wouldn't be quite the horrible hack you are now appearing to be to so many level headed newgrounds users.

in short, if your going to completely rip off everything arin has made in the past, call it awesome assault, or directly pay his series tribute. dont say it was "resembling" his movies when it directly steals from his early writing style.

Brojack responds:

I agree, it was totally audacious.
Anyway, haters aren't appreciated, so unless you have support or criticism to offer, you're just wasting my time :)


2012-08-09 00:13:59

dear dante224, i have one phrase comprised of two words that create a total paradox as to the meaning of zed phrase do to the fact that the two words put together in this manner create a sense of inquiry upon pondering the unreasonable usage of such a confusing word, SHUT UP. now for the followup sentence: awesome is awesome no matter what


2012-10-21 22:23:35

I thought it was pretty funny, and something I would like to say to Pants the Terrible: I'm willing to bet that you never heard of Roger van der Weide, Jerry Jackson, or Aztraz.