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Manga, Voice Acting, and New Animation

2016-03-31 07:55:17 by Brojack

Hey people, long time no speak!

Little news for anyone who's interested.

Aside from animation, I also have a few other things I work on from time to time. I attempt to draw shitty manga, and I've just finished a one-shot that I'm looking to get feedback on. Aside from that, I'll be continuing an old-ass series I never finished ages ago, so I'll be uploading that bit by bit, starting from the very beginning (when the art was VERY, VERY shitty). All that crap'll be up on my deviantart page, so check it out if you get the chance.

For the past 6 months or so, I've also started getting into voice acting. When I'm not screaming about dick jokes in my animations, I also like to help other people out with the voices they need for their projects. Serious or funny, I don't mind! You can see finished projects I'm in over on my Youtube page:

And if you want to see more stuff I've done, or need a voice actor for your project, you can check out my Casting Call page:

One final thing: Ever since I've finished Broul Eater, I've been working on a much bigger, better animation for you guys. I'm over halfway done now, so expect that sometime in the future. 

And I think you guys are going to like it ;)


Peace out!



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