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New Animation - Kingdom Bros!

2017-01-27 13:17:43 by Brojack

Hey everyone, Brojack here.

After a shitload of time working on a 12 and a half-minute parody of a video game kind of about Disney, Kingdom Bros is finished. I'd really appreciate it if you guys took a look and let me know what you think! 

Hopefully I'll be able to get started on the next one soon enough, and I'm also hoping it won't take over a year to finish this time. In the meantime, if you're interested in some of my other stuff, you can check out my Youtube:

If you want to see some of my art, look at my Deviantart:

If you're interested in some more of my voice acting stuff, check out my Casting Call, or again, my Youtube:


In the meantime, follow me on twitter if you want updates about what I'm doing!

Have a good day everyone!4103233_148554105453_KBIcon.jpg


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2017-01-27 20:21:24

Absolutely loved it! Reminds me of Egoraptor, and golden age Newgrounds in general. The lack of views (at least on YouTube, where I saw it) is a tragedy.

Brojack responds:

You're too kind, my man. I get told a lot that my stuff is like Egoraptor, and I don't set out to make it that way, but it's nice to be compared to someone so talented. I do like trying to go for that 'golden age' style - I miss it too. Tried to upload it as an .swf for old time's sake, but the file was so huge that there were just too many problems. It'd be great to get more views, but not really sure what I can do about that.

Glad you enjoyed it dude.